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Cross the bridge

TravelByClick - Your bridge to online reservations

We offer a complete service aimed at tour operators, travel agents and hotel chains, which provides an easy and fast way to go online and sell hotel rooms with online availability through the use of the TravelByClick (TBC) booking engine.

What is the TravelByClick booking engine?

TravelByClick Utilizes a new technology, which was developed by ByTech to improve and fortify the Service Provider-Traveler relationship and consists of the following application modules:
· Allocation, free-sale and request applications
· Management applications
· Quick hotel search by price and availability
· On-line secure reservation application

Why use the TravelByClick booking engine?

With the TBC, tour operators, travel agents and hotel chains can go online almost instantly, manage and sell rooms without the need to custom develop expensive software that handles reservations and room availability.
In today’s Internet world, users are accustomed to high quality web sites that offer online shopping as a simple process. Most users will not buy or make a reservation at a web site which is not built up to the latest standards.
Our system insures a simple, fast and secure reservation process, a product of years of experience and careful design. Nevertheless, we constantly enhance and refine it, therefore it will be even better in the future.

Where is the TravelByClick booking engine being used today?

The TBC is used in top European travel sites and is trusted to handle online reservations of hundreds of hotels daily:

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