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Useful Travel Tips

Useful Links Here are some important addresses, which can help you plan your trip to Israel.

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The Yellow emperor Chinese medicine center Offers you treatments of acupuncture, reflexology, twina, shiatsu, medical herbs with the Master (OMD) Boaz Yeshayahou. Treatments can be short & highly effective, at your hotel room or at the clinic, 24 hours a day,
Call: 052-521986 or 03-5015101.
Jerusalem 2000
Now get in touch with the Jerusalem Municipality to answer all of your questions at the turn of the century -- bus info., tourist sites, festivals & more. 02-6222000. 7:00am - 7:00pm. Also at: www.Jerusalem.muni.il

For room reservation, anywhere, any class or any price, call: Rent a Room ltd. the most professional room rental company in the market!
Tel: 03-5463277
E-mail: order@rent-a-room.org
Ask the Concierge
Your concierge doesn't only hand you messages and keys; he or she will be happy to provide the answers to your questions on where, what and when. Make good use of your concierge to make the most of your visit.
Beach Luxury
Havakook Apartments offer luxury apartments at reasonable rates. One and two bedrooms, living room, kitchen, wall-to-wall carpeting, A/C, color TV, phone, Telex and fax, and free parking.
Daily, 8:00am-11:00pm
Sheraton Beach
7 Havakook St.
(03) 604-2222
(03) 604-0022
Coins and Medals
Choose from an extensive range of coin and medal commemoratives, modern and ancient coin jewelry and framed medals at the Israel Government Coins & Medals Corporation. For Israel's jubilee anniversary, the Corporation is offering a unique commemorative coin portraying the Israeli flag and a Star of David in pure gold and silver.
Get the News
The International Herald Tribune and Israel's Ha'aretz newspaper have joined forces to offer a new four-page English supplement from Ha'aretz in the daily edition of the Herald Tribune. Friday editions include a 24-page entertainment pull-out. At local newsstands.
Are you away from home? Want to read your local paper? Check your email? Chat on ICQ or Mirc? Connect to AOL? Even telnet to your university? With email, telnet, Mirc, ICQ, AOL, an ISDN line and an array of drinks, pastries, sandwiches and salads, the Internet In-Bar is Tel-Aviv's #1 public Internet access spot.
Open Sun-Thu, 9:00am-1:00am, Sat, 4:00pm-1:00am
2 Shlomo Hamelech St.
(corner of 87 King George St.)
close to Dizengoff Center
(03) 528-2228
Need Emergency Services?
Just dial the following numbers from anywhere in the country: Police 100, Ambulance 101, Fire Department 102.
Quick Check-In

El-Al offers an exclusive advance check-in service. For flights between 3am-4pm, check-in is the day before, Sunday through Thursday between 4pm and 11pm. For evening flights (l0pm-3am), check-in is the day of departure, between 1pm and 7pm. On Saturday and Jewish holidays, the service is available from one hour after sunset to 11:30pm.
Arlozorov St.
(next to Railway Station)

7 Kanfei Nesharim St.

6 Hanamal St.

Automated information service
(03) 972-3377/88

Strike Roots!
Strike roots in Israel by planting a tree with your own hands at one of Keren Kayemet's seven centers throughout the country.
Sun-Thu, 8am-3pm; Fri, 8am-12:30pm
P.0. Box 283
1 (800) 223-484
(02) 624-1781 fax
Take Off with a Smile
For VIP service, take advantage of Smile Tourist Services and make your landing and departure to and from Israel as smooth as possible. Enjoy 24 hour a day service in a variety of languages.
Sun-Thu, 9am-10pm
(03) 629-1695
(03) 971-2299
Tourist Info
One essential place to visit is the tourist information offices. They offer city maps and sightseeing information, and help with individual tours and lodgings.
24-Hour Dental Service
Don't fret! The Medical Center in Tel-Aviv offers dental first-aid and treatment 24 hours a day, every day of the week, including Saturdays and holidays.
18 Reines St.
(03) 523-9241

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